#23: Christmas Morning

Weeks of Christmas decorations, Christmas movies, and Christmas carols has led to this. The big day. Christmas. You’re a full grown twentysomething now, but still the magic of the season fills you with childish excitement as you wake up on December 25th. Nothing could be better than looking out the window at falling snowflakes, then running downstairs to see presents carefully laid under an evergreen’s branches. Yes, Christmas morning will not disappoint.

Unfortunately, any day with six weeks of buildup is bound to disappoint. No Christmas morning could actually match what we all imagine in our heads. Bing may have been crooning “White Christmas” on your local soft rock station constantly, but that doesn’t mean your Christmas will be white. Even excluding the freak states that don’t have winter, odds are you will look out your window and see brown, dying grass in your front lawn and not virginal powder. Maybe there will be a little ice slush near your curb, a reminder of a time when you did have snow. Heck, even Mr. Crosby is dreaming of a White Christmas. He knows the chances aren’t great.

And those presents under the tree might not be what you wanted. You may have asked for a new digital camera, but your parents thought a new pack of space saver vacuum bags would be better for you, given your lack of closets in your new adult apartment. This shouldn’t be a new experience for you. As a kid on Christmas morning, did you get everything you asked for? Of course not. Don’t think that will change once you’re old enough to rent a car. You’re an adult, anyways. Why do you still think you should be getting dozens of awesome gifts? You can buy things now on your own.

Stop whining so much. You may be in the age of practical gifts, but you’re still getting gifts. You are getting free things. Some presents might even come with gift receipts. Appreciate that you have people in your life who are willing to brave the crowds and buy you presents. And some of your gifts might be thoughtful and unique and just what you wanted–just don’t expect that every wrapped box with a bow will be that way. Christmas morning might not be the same as it used to be when you were a kid, but you can still reminisce about those magical years of your youth. Fond memories of Christmas mornings past can match those unrealistic warm feelings you want to feel this year, since you can romanticize memories as much as you want. As far as the no snow goes, that means no shoveling, which means more hot cocoa inside next to a roaring fire. And that is an activity that never disappoints.